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Alyssa Martin is regarded as a world-class intuitive guide, Creator Of New Realities, & Master Of Infinite Flow. Many of her clients are in the public eye, and choose to remain anonymous. We honour that.

Below is a selection of love notes from private clients that are open to sharing the afterglow of their experience with Alyssa. You may also notice that some client names appear repeatedly; that's because once people enter this world, they typically keep coming back for more.

immediate transformations in their own words...

long term metamorphoses unfolding...

It has blown everything out of the water.

lauren w - mentor + confidante to female founders

I'm loving this work so much. I'm re-listening to the money session and I've had the biggest month ever in my business. It has blown everything out of the water.

What this has really shown is that there's always more layers. More layers. More layers.

New actions bring new discoveries and hearing the clearings in a very different way. I love that. It's endless.

I'm so grateful to Alyssa and her gift for being a very important piece of the growth puzzle.

this was exactly what i didn't know i needed

tracy b - Founder + ceo

I tried to explain to friends what happened during our work together and I couldn't find the words. It was magical, transformative and exactly what I didn't know I needed.

alyssa is one of the best I've ever experienced

stacey b - Founder + holistic health advocate

The work Alyssa does and her authenticity and talent is one of the best I've ever experienced. She was able to clearly identify issues and provide clarity, clearing and guide me in a way that left me feeling energised and empowered. I would highly recommend working with Alyssa.


Please do not compare yourself to the people on this page. We all come here with our own energetic blueprint with particular talents, experiences and higher destinies that leverage our unique attributes. 

Your metamorphosis will be unlike anyone else's. And that’s the way it’s meant to be. The “results” are as unique and personalized as the experience itself. 

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