UNPARALLELED WORKSHOPS & keynotes to eclipse your human potential and BRING YOU into the palatial realm of infinite potential.

Alyssa Martin is a catalyst for transformation in others and society. Her mission is to redefine "realistic" and show your community that transformation & expansion is their birthright.

Time spent in Alyssa's energy makes it safe, right & good to let go of the little ideas you had about yourself and what your future might hold. You let go of the things you’ve outgrown (even though they feel comforting & familiar) and step into a new adventure. 

When we come together in these experiences in the name of possibility, stepping beyond the myth of “normal” into the infinite—something magical happens. A new consciousness emerges.

This is an uncharted exploration of your True, Infinite, Powerful Self.

these interactive workshops & keynotes are for powerful COMMUNITIES of leaders craving an immersive experience in communion with pure source energy.


In Alyssa's care, participants will experience pure consciousness rather than being lectured about it. This sacred space will reveal how to step into your True, Infinite, Powerful Self & your own uniqueness. Your audience will literally feel  the energetic expansion in every cell in their being.


Alyssa has a natural gift to see, sense & feel when the energy in the room is ripe for maximum transformation. Simply being in her energy is often the impetus for unapologetically marching to the beat of your own drum and, in doing so, finding deep fulfilment & meaning in life. 


Alyssa embodies her message. She carries a deep natural love for herself & has the gift of empowering others to love themselves. She inspires others to step out of the probable & manifest the improbable miracles that promise to shift the world we live in.

alyssa's MOST EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOPS, speaking & media topics

If you have an audience of entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, leaders, rule-breakers and status-quo shakers who are intentionally creating their visions for a better future, Alyssa speaks about topics like:

  • How To Accomplish Your Wildest Dreams, Stop Defining "Success" By Other People's Rules + Be Happy In Your Own Skin.
  • Experience The Joyous Impact of Creating Abundance in ALL Areas of Your Life -- Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally + Financially.
  • Mastering Being Over Doing: Consciously Create The Freedom To Flow With Life... And Achieve Extraordinary Success + Abundance On Your Own Terms.
  • "Let Me Be Me": Release The Old Stories + Limiting Beliefs That Have Stopped Your From Stepping Into Your True, Infinite, Powerful Self... And Achieve The Vision You Have For Your Life.